Bruno Fernandes reveals he enjoys being criticised by the media

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, has made it clear he has no problems with being criticised, as it can only make him a stronger player.

The Portuguese has been targeted often on social media, by trolls, who choose to turn a blind eye to his greatness on the pitch, and focus on negativity, instead.

But none of it bothers him, according to the Portuguese, as they in fact, help him become even better at what he does.

Speaking while writing under his piece for the Player’s Tribune, Fernandes said, “To be honest, I like criticism.

“Because it helps you to improve and understand that you can’t relax. It motivates me. You know, some people surround themselves with “yes men,” but that’s not me. I want people like my friends on the playgrounds who aren’t afraid to point the finger at me and tell me where I’m going wrong.

“I like to come home after a match and hear, ‘I love you, but you really should’ve scored today. Good passing, yes. But many missed chances.’”

This is just the type of attitude you want to see in a top footballer. The criticisms will always be there, in all fairness, but the most important thing is how you handle them, and what you choose to do with them.