Bruno Fernandes replies critics who complain about his penalty goals

Photo: Getty Images

Bruno Fernandes has hit back at those who seem to have a problem with him scoring ‘many’ penalty goals for Manchester United since he completed the move from Sporting Lisbon in January.

Former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch, recently took a dig at Bruno Fernandes, that he may end up as the league’s highest goalscorer this season, due to his penalties, as Manchester United may be awarded a penalty in each game.

According to the Portuguese who had a recent chat with The Mirror, penalty goals are just as important as any other type of goal, and it’s easy for people to criticise him because they’re only watching.

Fernandes also suggested he’s been targeted for these criticisms, as he noted other players don’t receive the same treatment.

In his own words, “We can’t talk a lot about penalties because everybody will say ‘Bruno only scores with penalties’.

“If the others score them, it’s no problem! They just score a penalty, you know. But penalties are part of the game, you know.

“You need to score. You have the chance, but you need to score. I know everyone is talking about them like it’s easy.

“But you can lose a final with a penalty. For most people, it’s easy when you’re in front of the TV. But the most important thing, for me, is to keep scoring.”

Like Fernandes rightly pointed out, he has only been targeted because it’s him, and he plays for a big club like Manchester United.

But it’s a part of the game, and perhaps, he must accept it and focus on achieving more success.

If anything, his success rate at converting penalties is admirable! In his last 15 attempts, the midfielder has been very clinical!