Ed Woodward reacts to Solskjaer’s plea for new signings to be made

Manchester United’s executive vice chairman, Ed Woodward, appears to have reacted to Olé Gunnar Solskjaer’s plea for his team to be beefed up.

The Red Devils suffered a surprise defeat to Crystal Palace on Saturday, losing 3-1 at home, in what was their first game of the season.

After the encounter, Solskjaer reiterated the need for improvements to be made to the squad, saying, “You can see we are short and [Palace] deserved the points.

“They were sharper than us in challenges, tackles. We had a long season last season and we didn’t finish until August 16 and we have not had enough preparation time to be sharper.

“Then again, we’re always, always looking to improve if there’s something out there that’s available to the right price. We always want to strengthen but I think we can all look ourselves in the mirror today instead.”

While Woodward hasn’t directly replied to those comments, he seemed to make reference to them in his program notes recently, when he wrote, “Disruption from the pandemic is continuing to create huge economic pressure from the top to the bottom of the football pyramid and while we are fortunate to be in a more resilient position than most clubs, we are not immune from impact.”

Woodward’s comments come weeks after he initially warned that spending will be controlled and restricted this summer, due to the unexpected outbreak of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Woodward should prepare for we fans of Man United all over the world, what he saw last January end is just childish play. Better for him to resign within 72hours or bring in Sancho, a great leftfooter central difender and left foot back within 72hours and they must be world class players.
    Please let this message reach to him and family that owns Man United FC. OK.

  2. Ignatius Opiyo | September 22, 2020 at 7:55 am |

    Can the club send Ed Woodward be sucked so that the club can run smoothly and new defenders to be signed be the next epl match.

  3. As a football fan, I was not impressed with the defenders, they don’t know about Proper marking. Who to attack and who to wait for the loose balls in and outside the box. They must play as a team mostly in defence. There’s need for another new signing in centre back.

  4. Samuel Wasonga | September 22, 2020 at 11:46 am |

    Mr. Woodward is messing up Man United. He has made Man United to be a fourth rate club which can’t seem to decide on players to buy to reinforce the team. The result is strained and poor performance on the field, and poor wining mentality.
    Woodward and the Glazers should pack and leave. We don’t need them.

  5. Kevin Spencer | September 22, 2020 at 12:45 pm |

    When you just look at win rate for the United team sice Fergie went Moyes was 52.94% win rate and was hailed a failure.
    Van Gaal was 52.43% win rate (less than Moyes) yet hailed a sucess.
    Giggs in his short 4 game run as manager was the worst of these at just 50% wins, yet he seems to have a lot to say about how the team is being managed and performing.
    Jose Mourinho got a 58.33% win rate at Old Trafford only 2nd to Fergie who was 59.67%. yet he was deemed a failure???

    At present OGS is at 54% win rate, they have around a 190 million pound NET spend in the recent transfer markets (which is the most money spent in the world of football clubs) and yet failed to compete on a level playing field against Crystal Palace. Something is clearly wrong.
    The buck stops with the manager and the players he signed and not Woodward who has supplied Ole with plenty money for transfers.

    It is time for the manager and the players to begin to earn a fraction of what they are being paid to play a game that they love.

  6. The situation at Old Trafford has changed from Theater of Dreams to “Theater of Cries”. The current owners should look themselves on a Mirror and ask themselves,’WHAT IS ALL ABOUT FOOTBALL IF NOT WINNING GAMES’? What happened to the famous club scouts? Can we the ‘fans’ get what we are anticipating from the once ‘Mighty’ Red Devils?

  7. Okuma chijioke | September 22, 2020 at 3:44 pm |

    Am so disappointed by so called director of football in Manchester United in respected of Ed Woodward. He should be sack hence his duties are too questionable

  8. Ed Woodward out glazer out

  9. I think Ed Woodward don’t want this club progress

  10. Ronald Nepson | September 22, 2020 at 6:14 pm |

    Too bad to see a such historic club being a handled like a lower division side.
    We need to sign good players at least 2.
    But Ed Woodward isn’t willing he can as well resign. This is not a family issue.

  11. As a Stern Mufcf, am tired of the man who goes by the name of Ed Woodward can he step aside pliiiiiiiiz.

  12. It will be a season of regrets if the defence is not beefed up before window closes.Woodward,
    I hope u will get the message

  13. Francis Okanga | September 22, 2020 at 8:18 pm |

    With the likes of Edward Hood and the Glazers family Manchester united will be just like any other club plz we are tired

  14. For us as a United family, we need to strengthen the squad we have currently with some serious signings. Thats when we can compete with the likes of Liverpool and City…

  15. Please, I just wanna ask
    Is Woodward bigger than the club. In every indications you can see that he is using the Club for business rather than footballing business. with this direction the club is going Very soon Man utd will start loosing their faithful Fans

  16. I don’t really appreciate how ridiculous his the affair of clud at his detriment. If he doesn’t understand the football politics, I think he should try and learn some. Take Chelsea for example, any player they target the are sign into the club regardless of cost. He should wake up and fulfill his obligations as an executive.

  17. I hate Woodward with passion he is killing my joy , my happiness, my Manchester United

  18. What is happening to my beloved team

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