Hector Bellerin names the Manchester United player he respects

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Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has hailed the passion of Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford for his efforts to fight against child hunger.

The Spaniard is delighted with Englishman’s good use of his fame and fortune for a good humanitarian cause.

Speaking to The Athletic, Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin said: “Marcus Rashford is a clear example of someone who went through that when he was young and was like, ‘No, I don’t want that to happen anymore’.

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“He has the platform, he has the money. He is the clear example of what a football player, an athlete, a celebrity — whatever you want to call it — can do when you have passion and the drive to change the world.

“If you change one family’s life, you’ve changed the world. If you make life better for three people, that’s crazy. The fact he’s been able to do that for many millions across the UK… I have so much respect for what he did.”

Rashford played a key role in the UK government’s decision to extend the school meal voucher scheme through the summer.

The striker is now working with many of the UK’s biggest food brands in an attempt to tackle child hunger around the country.

7 Comments on "Hector Bellerin names the Manchester United player he respects"

  1. Knowing what you faced and how if made you feel gives you a deeper sense of understanding what others go through. Marcus is doing exactly what he wished somebody would do for him during his unfortunate time back in the days when he was hungry and desperate.
    The art if giving is not and indicator of wealth, but of loving heart. God bless Marcus.

  2. Inyama Michael U | September 17, 2020 at 4:04 pm | Reply

    God bless you Marcus Rashford, for your good work.

  3. Love the heart that u potry

  4. God bless you Marcus for the example you have set for the world.

  5. God bless Rashford

  6. May the almighty God bless you Marcus,
    I love you
    Am also a united fan
    Long leave Marcus
    Ronnie from Uganda

  7. The hand that gives is More blessed than the one that receive.

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