Mason Greenwood gets massive FIFA 21 rating

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Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has been handed a massive rating in the upcoming FIFA 21 video game.

With a rating of 77, the Manchester United forward is one of seven players who enjoy the highest increase- to ratings in the game.

However, Greenwood has also been labeled a ‘Right midfielder’ in FIFA 21, instead of ‘striker’, which is considered inaccurate by some people, considering where he plays for United.

Furthermore, the Englishman gets an 81 in pace, and a 78 in shooting, which one could also argue is not fair, taking into perspective, his stats from last season.

The good thing however, is that at only 18, Greenwood has a lot of potential, and can keep improving in the game, if one plays career mode.

FIFA 21 is still unavailable for purchase at the moment, but is expected to be released by October 9.

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