Bruno Fernandes confirms Cristiano Ronaldo is still interested in Manchester United

Photo: cristiano ronaldo instagram

Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, has revealed his countryman, Cristiano Ronaldo, still enquires about the club, despite leaving years ago.

Ronaldo left United to join Real Madrid in 2009, but he has always maintained Old Trafford will always be home for him, and 11 years later, his feelings haven’t changed.

Fernandes confirmed this while speaking at a recent interview, as he spoke about his thoughts on United and his relationship with the 33 year old.

He said, “I spoke with him after, not before. I said before – Manchester, for me, was the dream team.

“I always wanted to play for this team and it doesn’t matter who can talk about it – bad or good, I will come.

“It was my dream to play in the Premier League. I have the choice to come to Manchester United and it was two dreams in one. It was perfect.”

He continued, “Of course, I spoke with Cristiano [Ronaldo after and he spoke very well about the club. I spoke with him some days ago, again.

“Every time I speak with him, he asks me how Manchester is and if everything is okay. Everyone knows he spent a lot of time in Manchester and he has consideration for the club.

“He likes the club, I think he won his first Ballon d’Or here, so it’s a club who’ve marked him, for sure.”

It is exciting to know Ronaldo still has a soft spot for United, and while we know he probably won’t join again as a player, it wouldn’t be bad to have him play one role or another at the club sometime in future.