Graeme Souness compares United forward to Lionel Messi

Photo: EPA

Liverpool legend, Graeme Souness, has likened Mason Greenwood to Lionel Messi, in his style of play.

According to the former forward, who spoke under his column for The Times, Greenwood controls and strikes the ball as quickly as the Barcelona star does, and it’s always a joy to watch them.

He said, “Greenwood has everything going for him. His age, athleticism, technique and that sixth sense that the very best have. He takes the ball early and strikes it beautifully.

“If you look at a lot of Messi’s goals, you see play developing and the goalkeeper getting set and then the next thing the ball’s in the back of his net and he has not moved because Messi takes it so early.

“I’m not saying Greenwood is in Messi’s class, it’s very early to call him, but he looks better than Martial and Rashford when it comes to that sixth sense and should get more goals than them over the course of his career.”

Of course, we can’t compare Greenwood to Messi yet, but we have to admit the 18 year old has had a phenomenal rise to popularity at Old Trafford, despite playing at a club where there’s enormous pressure on the players.