Football expert reveals possible reason Sancho hasn’t signed for Man United

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Former central midfielder and football pundit, Danny Murphy, has suggested the reason Jadon Sancho to Manchester United hasn’t yet worked out is because the player himself isn’t that keen on the move.

United have been chasing the 20 year old for weeks, but hopes of securing his transfer to Old Trafford took a knock last week, when Borussia Dortmund announced he wasn’t going anywhere.

The £108 million valuation of the player by Dortmund has been blamed as the chief reason the transfer hasn’t worked out yet, but Murphy thinks there may be other factors at play.

Writing on his column for The Daily Mail, the former Liverpool man said, “I believe the role of Sancho himself in determining his future is equally important. We don’t know yet how badly he wants to move to Old Trafford, if at all, but what happens next will give us a clue.

“It’s unlikely United would have embarked on the chase without some kind of encouragement but in my experience deals of this size only happen if the player really wants to go.”

He continued, “United are an attractive proposition, one of the biggest clubs in the world with a young and exciting team, but Sancho won’t be short of suitors in his career and he’ll be aware that in a year’s time, when football finances are a bit steadier, he may have a choice that also includes Liverpool, his ‘local’ team Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“It’s possible he may prefer to wait and weigh up his options after the Euros next summer rather than rocking the boat now by telling Dortmund he wants to leave.

If that’s the case and United are fighting against an inflated fee and a player considering other options, they have a problem.

“If his heart really is set on joining United, there are ways of letting all relevant parties aware.

“Whatever is beneficial for your career, you are going to try to make it happen. And if United know that, I’d pay Dortmund the asking price even if I admire the principle of not being dictated to. Sancho’s value isn’t going to diminish.

“However, judging by what I’ve seen so far there is no rebellion from Sancho, which makes me sense he’s not desperate to move to United.”

Murphy may have a point, although many reports have claimed Sancho already agreed personal terms with Man United.

Just last week, it was also reported that the Englishman was being pressured by his club to publicly commit his long-term future to them.

There are so many stories and reports surrounding the transfer, but what we do know is United will get him, in not this summer then the next.