Explained: Why Manchester United have been awarded lots of penalties this season

According to former Manchester United striker Robin van Persie, Manchester United have been awarded lots of penalties this season season because of our attack-minded approach.

The club’s penalty record has led some to brand the club ‘Penchester United’ in the latter half of the 2019/20 campaign and there has been growing criticism that United players have a tendency to go to ground far too easily inside the box.

“If you get 21 penalties in a season, it shows you that you’re attacking a lot, you know?” the Dutch legend told 90min ahead of the club’s semi-final clash with Sevilla this weekend.

“Maybe a couple of them could or could not be a penalty, maybe a little bit tricky, but even then you’re attacking and in a situation where the referee can give a penalty.

“I think it’s a good thing that they’re getting so many.”

Van Persie added: “Bruno Fernandes has his very own unique style of taking them, but what I like is that he mixes it up.

“He’s not only doing that funny jump…it looks so strange to me because it’s not the way I used to take penalties, but he’s been doing it for so long. He hasn’t missed for four years.

“What I did like against FC Copenhagen is he changed his style – the keeper waited and he went fast. That shows you as well that he’s a world-class penalty taker, because you have to mix it up. You have to go left, you have to go right, he’s doing the jump, but to be able to adjust, even with penalties, it shows you that he’s a world-class player.

“You have to come up with something new and he’s doing that, and it’s working. As long as it works, perfect.”