Paul Scholes takes dig at José Mourinho as he praises Anthony Martial

Photo: Getty images

Paul Scholes isn’t a fan of the way José Mourinho handled things at Manchester United during his reign as manager.

The Portuguese was fired from the job in 2018, after reportedly falling out with some of the club’s players.

A number of players also didn’t enjoy enough play time under Mourinho, and the ones who did, were often played out of their favoured positions.

The arrival of Olé Gunnar Solskjaer, however, appears to have set the club on a new path, with more youth players enjoying game time, and impressing.

One of such players is Anthony Martial, who has been a completely different player under Solskjaer. The Frenchman has improved tremendously in the last few months, and in the ongoing campaign, has 23 goals to his name.

During Monday’s match against FC Copenhagen, Martial was impressive as well, which led former Red Devil, Robin Van Persie, to ask, “He [Anthony Martial] was struggling under Mourinho, right?”

Paul Scholes, who hasn’t always been a fan of Mou, then replied, “Who wasn’t?!”

The midfield legend, then added, “I like him, I’ve always liked him. Is he a No.9 or is he a wide player? He’s turned himself into a No.9 every game I watch, more and more.

“When he squares a player up and gets a run at him, I think he’s unstoppable. I don’t see how you stop him. If a defender commits himself, he’s going to give fouls away.

“Great dribbling and he’s normally a brilliant finisher. Tonight the finishing just wasn’t quite there but there was so many brilliant bits of play he produced at the end.

“He’s only started showing that [awareness and all-round game] lately and that’s why I always wondered whether he is a wide player or whether he’s a No.9.

“But I think now he’s brought the all-round game to him and he’s got everything: he can beat a man, he’s a man who can score goals and he’s got everything you want in a great centre-forward.”

There have been calls for Man United to go after a more out and out striker in fear that Martial cannot really do it all by himself, but it’s refreshing to know there are people who still have confidence in the 24 year old.