Legendary goalkeeper explains why De Gea is struggling at Manchester United

Photo: Getty Images

Former Real Madrid goalkeeper, Santiago Canizares, has weighed in on the ongoing struggles of David De Gea, and what he needs to do to return to his brilliant best.

According to the 50 year old, De Gea’s dip in form is linked to the departure of Manchester United’s former goalkeeper coach, Emilio Alvarez, with whom the 30 year old fell out in 2019.

He told Tribalfootball: “I believe that goalkeepers mature with age and at a later age than outfield footballers. Regarding quality goalkeepers, those that know how to look after themselves, their health, to know their bodies, to be in form, they can be around for a long time and perform at an optimum level even past the age of 30.

“What is bad news for De Gea is that Alvarez has gone, someone that David depended on and who kept him in great form. It’s not good news for De Gea that Alvarez has gone because a goalkeeping coach can really bring the best out of his ‘pupil’, which is the goalkeeper.

“It’s vital for a keeper to have a great goalkeeping coach from a psychological point of view as well as a coach who knows the goalkeeper’s body from a physical point of view and his absolute needs to stay in form.

“Now that Alvarez has gone, it’s going to be a big problem for De Gea to resolve. It’s vital for a goalkeeper to have a goalkeeping coach with absolute mutual trust and belief in one another. Alvarez left due to a lack of trust with De Gea. Alvarez has gone but De Gea is there so ‘no pasa nada’.

“David De Gea is a magnificent goalkeeper. He’ll probably end his career at Manchester United playing many more matches. I believe that he has performed well at Manchester United but when he has played for Spain he has felt a lot of pressure wearing the jersey and hasn’t performed to the best of his ability for the national side.”

Alvarez and De Gea worked together for a while, both at Atletico Madrid and Old Trafford, before he quit his role in September last year.

At the time he left the role, all seemed well between the two, but Alvarez later blamed De Gea for his exit, due to his lack of loyalty.