Van Persie reveals how Ferguson treated Man Utd players after defeats

Former Manchester United star Robin van Persie has revealed what made legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson successful and outstanding during his managerial career.

The former Netherlands International has revealed the Scot disliked negative vibe after defeats.

Robin van Persie told the UTD podcast: “What I like about Ferguson is that after one defeat – I think it was against City – he really, really trained us hard in the next couple of days.

“You could call it a punishment. But after that, he had a short meeting and he said: ‘Okay, listen. I had these couple of sessions with you done, [because] we lost the game. But now we have to forget it and we have to look forward.’

“And that is a very important point as well because if you lose… you know, it happens. It can happen. But it all depends on how you react.

“If you stay unhappy, if you stay disappointed, then Ferguson always believed that your chance of winning the next game would be smaller, and I do believe so too.”

“You have to, at one point, sooner rather than later, you have to give it a place and you have to move on.

“You have to learn from it. Okay, perfect, but now he just wanted everyone to chat to each other, to be happy, to make jokes and just for everyone to be themselves. He didn’t want a bad vibe for too long after defeat.

“Fergie’s main thing was to keep everyone happy.”