United legend Vidic names the toughest opponents he faced during his playing career

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidic has named the toughest opponents he faced during his playing career.

The Serb said: “My first experience was Peter Crouch. I’d never seen a two-metres tall player before. He played for Liverpool and we played them in a cup game at Anfield. I was thinking ‘Wow, what can I do today with this guy’.

“Then I saw Bellamy next to him, not a great player on the ball but very, very fast. He would run into space, Crouch would jump into the air. I’d never seen football played like this.”

Vidic then named Didier Drogba, Sergio Aguero and Luis Suarez as the other forwards who gave him the toughest games:

“[Drogba] was a very clever player who would get into the brain of the defenders. He was strong, but he was always thinking ahead. He would think, ‘If the defender pushes me now I will go down’ or ‘Next time I will go strong’.

“I’m convinced that Aguero was born as a defender. He knows where the ball will come and where he can attack. I played against him when they beat us 4-1 in the Moyes season.

“[Suarez is] an energetic player. He’s different from Aguero who doesn’t run for 90 minutes – he’s a player who uses instinct. Everything is done in bursts. I don’t think he knows exactly what he’s doing but he succeeds.”