Bruno Fernandes finally reveals secret behind his goal celebration

Bruno Fernandes has broken down the reason he likes to cup the back of his ears when celebrating a goal, and it’s interesting!

According to the Portuguese midfielder, who recently spoke to the official Manchester United website, his daughter is a big inspiration for the celebration.

Explaining it all to the club’s official website, he said: “This is a long story! In Portugal, when I was playing, and I started my second season in Sporting, my daughter was growing up, you know.

“Sometimes, me and my wife, we talk with her and she started doing like this [puts his fingers in his ears] after she started doing this. And so, I picked this to celebrate the goals for her.

“I need to talk with Sky because, every time I did this, it never comes [out] so, all the time, when I call her after the game she tells me – you don’t do it! I need to send photos sometimes, look I do it! You see?

“Now she knows every time I do that for her. In the beginning, she didn’t know but now she knows, every time, it’s for her.

“Now my wife is pregnant and, every time, my baby asks me now you need to score two times, and, against Brighton, I scored two goals and she tells me: ‘You just scored two but now you need to score three – one for me, one for the baby boy when he comes and one for mum!’

“It will be difficult in the next few years, you know, I’ll need to score more and more. I think it’s better that I score four or five goals in a game and then I can have a rest for two or three games!”

Fernandes has had a meteoric rise to his career in England, and is surely among the league’s best, despite only joining in January.

It is also impressive to know he has a close relationship with his daughter, and we hope she continues to inspire him to more greatness for United.