Solskjaer must replace this Manchester United player

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Manchester United legend Roy Keane has urged the club to get a better goalkeeper if we want to be title challengers next season.

The former United captain has been a staunch critic of current first-choice goalie David De Gea for his errors, and believes Solskjaer looks for a better replacement for him.

Roy Keane recently told Sky Sports: “He [David De Gea] makes far too many mistakes, big mistakes that cost United big points.

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”If United want to challenge for league titles, they need a better goalkeeper.

“They need a change, they’ve done it before. I don’t know what the big song and dance is about a goalkeeper, United have been doing it for years.

“Strikers are dropped or sold, same with midfielders, but for some reason with goalkeepers they think we have to stick with the goalkeeper for a bit longer than others because of something they did two or three years ago.”

“We’ve seen Liverpool get onto another level when they’ve improved the goalkeeper.

“What’s the big deal? If he [De Gea] isn’t doing it, he’s making mistakes, then make a change. There are good goalkeepers out there.”