Solskjaer reveals what he wants from Greenwood

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has praised the attitude and application of youngster Mason Greenwood in games, but wants the forward to take more risks and express himself.

Solskjaer told the Mirror: “Mason has shown that ­your ­temperament and your mental preparation – how you ­approach the game – is vital.

“And when you’re Brandon Williams, when you’re Mason – when you’re one of the young kids who have come through this academy – they have no fear.

“They know what we want from our players. We want them to express their talents, we want them to take risks, we want them to play with… a pair of plums, to put it that way.

“We just trust them to do that, we have great ­camaraderie in the team, the bonding is good and they are ready.”