“Be more consistent,” Man United legend tells Man Utd player

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Manchester United legend Roy Keane has urged midfielder Paul Pogba to put in more consistency in his game.

The Frenchman has been a regular for United since the season restart in June after recovering from his long-term ankle injury. However, Keane has not been totally convinced by the Frenchman.

The former United wants to see Pogba at his best regularly.

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“I think he’s done okay,” Keane said on Sky Sports.

“I wouldn’t get carried away with what Pogba’s done over the last two months.

“We’ve said it before – he is a talented boy but you need a bit more than that.

“For example, this is Pogba in a nutshell – brilliant, poor from Spurs, brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

“Big, strong boy, he’s got a goal in him, he’s got a pass.

“I like watching Pogba when he’s at the top of his game but then we see incidents where he’s not at it, the penalty incident the other night kind of summed him up.

“The fact is some people were defending him after the game but the fact is he came out and apologised.

“Pogba’s got qualities but he doesn’t do enough week in, week out.”

Meanwhile, former Manchester City defender Micah Richards agrees with Keane that Pogba has not been consistent enough.

“He’s got someone like [Bruno] Fernandes who is taking a little bit of shine off him,” Richards said.

“Every time he had a bad game it was all ‘Pogba’s not good enough’. I agree with Roy, he hasn’t been consistent enough for the levels of what Man United should be at.

“But look at the players around him, he’s actually playing with, you’d get frustrated at that.

“He was playing with Fred, he’s done a lot better this season, but Fred and [Scott] McTominay’s done well but it’s not the same as a Fernandes or whoever they might go for in the future.

“They look a better team now and I think he should be given a bit more time to show exactly what he can do now he’s got a better base around him.”