Why next season’s Premier League kick off date isn’t good for United

Photo: Peter Powell/Reuters

The 2020/21 season of the English Premier League is expected to take off officially on September 12, and many fans are already excited for this news, as it means we won’t have to be without football for too long.

But while the September 12 date seems pretty much better than the initially rumoured weekend of August 28, it still doesn’t favour teams like Manchester United, who are still involved in Europe.

The league ends on Sunday, and many teams in the country will get weeks of rest before the new season kicks off.

But for teams like Manchester United who are still in the Europa League, it means, we won’t have more than 22 days of rest before the start of the new season, should we make it to the final of the competition, which is on August 21.

In contrast, teams that aren’t involved in Europe are assured of at least 48 days of rest ahead of the coming season.

It is worrisome, as not only could player fitness be affected, it could also tell on how we finish the league if we don’t begin well, due to fatigue.

It is a sad reality, but then, perhaps one we have to pay for some success this season.

United have lost out on the FA Cup, having been beaten by Chelsea last Sunday, and a top four finish isn’t a guarantee either, so winning the Europa League may be the only way to cap off a not-so-bad season for the club.