Manchester United player slammed for his rubbish performance against West Ham

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has branded midfielder Paul Pogba as rubbish and embarrassing for his handball against West Ham on Wednesday night, which gave the Hammers the lead from the penalty spot at Old Trafford.

The Manchester United midfielder put his hands up to protect his face from a long range Declan Rice shot in the penalty box and went down holding his face afterwards. But VAR replays quickly showed that the Frenchman had raised both hands and deflected the ball away.

Neville was far from impressed and did not hold back in his criticism of the French midfielder.

“He’s in trouble, Paul Pogba, he’s in big, big trouble,” Neville said on Sky Sports as replays confirmed the handball.

“He’s given a penalty away, he’s put his arms up and pretended it’s hit his head.

“Rubbish, rubbish from him.

“To think, I felt a little bit sorry for him, I thought he took a whack in the head. Embarrassing.

“You don’t do that, you take it in the grid.

“It’s rubbish from him, rubbish!”

“Forget that it’s an appalling lack of discipline from Paul Pogba in terms of giving the penalty away, West Ham have been the better team,” continued Neville.

“Man United have let this game drift, they’ve come here they’ve relaxed they’ve started to play, create moments and now they’ve got the lead.

“I’d say less if it was instinctive, but it was from 15 yards away that ball’s coming.

“There’s no case for putting his arms up at all, duck out of the way if he wants, but don’t put your arms up.”