Rio Ferdinand reacts to rumours De Gea may be dropped from starting eleven

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has criticised David De Gea, following his howlers in the match against Chelsea on Sunday.

The Spaniard let in two cheap goals from Mason Mount and Olivier Giroud, to give the Blues a two- goal advantage, before an own goal from Harry Maguire made matters worse.

De Gea’s performance on Sunday was just one of the many poor ones he’s had this season, and it has led to calls for him to be replaced.

Speaking on BT Sport about the shotstopper’s performance, Ferdinand said: “When people make mistakes, they’re open to criticism. That’s just natural, that is just how football is.

“David de Gea is no exception. He’s made mistakes, glaring mistakes in some big games, notably the game against Chelsea in the semi-final at Wembley.

“Yes, he should be doing better. I have played with David, he’s his own biggest critic.

“He’ll be sitting at home mulling over these, going through the situations and making sure that he tries to get rid of these mistakes that he is committing at the moment.

“I watched these games with my boys at home and I was flabbergasted to see them go past David because he’s a top-drawer goalkeeper.

“It is disappointing really, as a Manchester United fan you want to defend your player but at the moment he is not in a position to be defended in that respect.”

Ferdinand also advised his former teammate to channel the same spirit he called on during his early days at United, when he was criticised, and urged the club to be patient with the man.

He continued: “Has David de Gea been making mistakes? Yes he has made mistakes. Is he low on confidence? Yes he is low on confidence, but has he got the character to come back?

“Has he proved his character in years gone by? Yes he has, when he came to Manchester United, he was a 19-year-old, there were question marks straight away about ‘is he good enough?’, ‘is he too slim’, ‘is he too frail’, ‘he’s not ready to be Man United’s goalkeeper’.’

“He dispelled all those things that were said about him through character, hard work, determination and, above anything else, quality. He has been player of the year four out of the last six years. When there was inconsistency at Manchester United, he was the consistent factor all the time there.

“Yes he’s had a bad spell, confidence is low, but does that mean you go out and get rid of him? Who are you gonna get? Who is out there who is actually able to be bought right now and who is going to be a world-class goalkeeper right now at Manchester United?

“The only I see is [Jan] Oblak, but can you get him out of Atletico Madrid? And if you do how much are you going to have to spend? An obscene amount of money. I say stick with him [De Gea], he has earned that right to be stuck with.”