Former Manchester United chief reveals why Manchester United failed to sign this Brazilian superstar

Former Manchester United Chief Executive Peter Kenyon has revealed the reason behind a late collapse in a deal for Ronaldinho in the summer of 2003.

The Red Devils were in talks with both camps before Ronaldinho decided to join Barcelona.

Ronaldo arrived as a rookie from Sporting Lisbon, and Kenyon was blamed for a failed move for the Brazilian, but has decided to clear regarding the transfer.

“We did try really hard for Ronaldinho,” he told the Telegraph.

“And in the end we offered what was a load of money even by our standards and there came a point… Getting the player just for the amount of money paid didn’t sit well at United.

“There was a decision that if he is right and we do want him we will pay because we could.

“It crossed the line and on reflection – and this is not about his ability – it turned out to be a great decision.”

On Ronaldo’s signing, Kenyon revealed:

“I got a call at half-time saying, ‘Rather than leave him [Ronaldo] here, can we take him home please?'” Kenyon said.

“So the team left the next day and I stayed to do it. That’s where Alex was absolutely amazing.

“He sold Manchester United better than anybody. He never over-promised but he got people wanting to be there.”