Former Liverpool striker admits he almost punched Rio Ferdinand

Photo: Getty Images

Former Liverpool striker, Peter Crouch, has revealed he almost got into an actual fight with then England teammate, Rio Ferdinand during a match between Liverpool and Manchester United many years ago.

Reacting recently to whether he ever came close to fighting a teammate while in active football, the former Liverpool striker said, “When you moved clubs as often as I did, there was always someone I knew in opposition.

“Put it this way – if you play 5-a-side against your mates, are you going to smash into them to get the ball? Of course you are!

“The closest I ever came to exchanging blows with someone on a pitch was Rio Ferdinand during a Liverpool-Manchester United game.

“We were England teammates at the time and he’s one of my closest friends now. When we think about the squabble now, it’s just something to laugh about.”

It’s a good thing Crouch and Rio didn’t allow their emotions get in their way, but it just shows how much of an emotional sport football can be.

We also thank God that fight never happened, cos really, Crouch Vs Ferdinand?