Liverpool legend backs Manchester United to finish in the top-four

Photo: Getty images

Liverpool legend Danny Murphy has backed Manchester United to finish in the top-four this season and also backed Chelsea to make the cut ahead of Leicester City..

With only two matches remaining in the season, Murphy has predicted that United will take third place and backed Chelsea to marginally beat Leicester to fourth place.

“It makes it more intense, it makes it more exciting and gives it a genuineness at the end of the season where the team up there deserve it, they haven’t been handed it on a plate,” Murphy told talkSPORT.

“Someone is going to miss out and it’s going to be hard on any of them. Leicester have had a great season, punching above their weight but they’re falling away now.

“Wolves had a great win against Everton. I think out of all of them, (Manchester) United are the ones I’d say for sure.

“I was really surprised at Chelsea’s performance at Sheffield United and I think because they have to go to Liverpool, it could be tough.

“United’s run-in is a good one, I think they will definitely be in there. The other place, I’d probably go Chelsea but you never know.”