Chelsea manager claims Manchester United are always favoured for penalty decisions

Photo: Glyn Kirk/Reuters

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has warned his defenders to be wary of the Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes following series of controversial VAR decisions that have gone in the Red devils’ favour in recent weeks.

The Chelsea legend will hope to win his first piece of major silverware, but first has to overcome United whom he has failed to beat in three attempts.

On the need for his defenders to be extra cautious on Sunday at Wembley, Lampard said: “They have to be. Because when players of such high level, quality and speed of the Manchester United forwards travel quickly you have to move your feet and not dive in on them.

“You need to understand the qualities of the opposition, with players like that. Fernandes is very clever in his movement. We saw that at Aston Villa to make something feel like a penalty where maybe it even isn’t.

“As a player we can talk about VAR decisions and whether they’re right or wrong. But if a player is going to dangle a leg and not move their feet then you obviously do leave yourself open to penalties, VAR or no VAR.”

Referring to Lindelof’s escape against Palace, he added: “The confusing thing about some of the recent ones, and the one on Thursday night, is that it’s a very, very clear and obvious decision that was wrong and didn’t get reviewed and changed. A few of those have happened and that is strange.

“I would like to think that with VAR you have to be level headed. Some might go against you or not. But we seem to be in a period where, in terms of Manchester United, they’ve got a few in their favour.”