José Mourinho takes a swipe at lucky Man United

Photo: BPI/REX

Tottenham boss José Mourinho, has taken a swipe at Manchester United over the progress the club has made this season.

While speaking recently at a press conference, Mourinho attributed some of United’s success this season to luck and not hard work.

He told reporters: “If Manchester United does it, they will do it by playing very well in the second part of the season and when you play well, you deserve.

“On top of that, everyone knows that they were a bit lucky, more than one time, luck that others didn’t have, we didn’t have it, for example, that luck.”

When asked about VAR, Mourinho went on to add: “VAR should be simple, pure and clear decisions.

“The space for the mistake is the space for man on the pitch having to make very difficult decisions, 200 miles per hour, different angles of vision, that is the mistake we learn how to respect in football.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to accept but it’s the mistakes that you understand because everyone makes mistakes in the game.”

There have been suggestions that Man United are favoured by VAR more than other teams, but the truth remains that we have worked very hard to be where we are today in the league.

One of our best players (Bruno Fernandes) this season was signed only in January, surely VAR has nothing to do with that.

Besides, when it comes to refereeing decisions, every team has had a taste of good and bad decisions, so it’s not just Man United.