Breaking news: Premier League set to allow football fans back into stadiums

The UK government has revealed plans to allow football fans back into stadiums, as the next phase of the gradual ease of the coronavirus-induced lockdown begins.

Prime minister, Boris Johnson, announced on Friday that trials would commence, to see larger gatherings in places like sports stadiums, while adding that most remaining leisure centres would be allowed to stay open until August 1.

Large gatherings in the UK have been banned since March due to the spiking cases of coronavirus, but the government now believes it’s ready to gradually allow things return to normal, with tests set to be carried out this October.

“We will pilot larger gatherings in venues such as sports stadia with a view to a wider reopening in the autumn,” Johnson said.

“All of these measures, for August 1, should be done in a Covid-secure way.

“From October we intend to bring back audiences in stadia and allow conferences and other business events to recommence, again these changes must be done in a Covid-secure way subject to the successful outcome of pilots.”

This is obviously some good news for football fans, who haven’t been able to go watch their favourite teams live at their stadiums, but more than that, it also signals the end of the end of the ongoing financial hardship facing scores of clubs across Europe.

The new Premier League season is expected to start late August or early September, which means in just about a month or later, things should return to normal.