Gary Neville names the three positions Man Utd must strengthen this summer

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has urged the club to make at least three signings in the upcoming summer transfer window.

The former United right-back has pointed out that the club needs to sign a new right winger, a new centre-back partner for Harry Maguire and a new striker to challenge Anthony Martial.

Asked who United need to sign in the upcoming transfer window, Neville told Webby and O’Neill: “Definitely a centre-back, a challenger for David De Gea, a right winger and a centre-forward, in my opinion.

“It’s not to replace Martial, it’s to challenge Martial. It means Greenwood doesn’t have to play right wing all the time.

“I think do think the club need a winger who can play both sides, personally. I think they need a centre-forward.

“In 1999 we had Sheringham, Cole and Solskjaer in the building, Sir Alex Ferguson signed Dwight Yorke to challenge them, to complement them, to play with them. Not to replace them.

“You can sign a player in the same position as another player without disrespecting that player if he’s got the right attitude.

“So for me, the idea of a right winger coming in doesn’t mean Mason Greenwood is sat in the stands.

“It’s to have a squad capable of winning the Premier League and the Champions League. You can’t do that with 11 players or 13 players, you need 15, 16, 17 players of the highest quality.

“Yes, you can’t have too many where there’s then that disruption with the personalities. But you still need competitiveness, you still need competition in each space.

“We definitely need a top centre-half alongside Harry Maguire, in my opinion. We need a centre-forward, a right winger, you could argue left-back.

“But I think to me, centre-forward, right wing and centre-back are priorities.

“But Ole might not think they are priorities, he might think he’s okay with what he’s got.

“But looking at the squad, I would say a really dominant, quick, centre-back going in there alongside Maguire and Wan-Bissaka, maybe with Shaw at left-back, for me you’d see a top back four then.”