United legend slams Roy Keane for always criticising Olé Gunnar Solskjaer’s team

Photo: PA

Former Manchester United forward, Dwight Yorke is unimpressed by the never-ending criticisms hurled at Olé Gunnar Solskjaer’s side by ex-teammate, Roy Keane, and has called on the former Sunderland manager to soft-pedal.

Keane was particularly critical of David De Gea, following the Spaniard’s error that led to a goal against Tottenham, and suggested he wouldn’t have taken it lightly if he were the boss.

But Yorke believes no one is perfect, and even Keane made mistakes as player and manager.

“I know what he’s like,” he said. “He says what he likes to say. Some people buy into it, some don’t.

“We all make mistakes. He wasn’t perfect when he played. He made mistakes along the way. He has to tone that back a little bit. Maybe one of the downfalls which I recognised from his management career is that the way he delivered his approach to players could be quite offensive.

“Brian Clough, Ron Atkinson, maybe even Sir Alex Ferguson sometimes, they give those kind of rollickings. Players of yesterday could easily dust those kind of comments off.

“Things have changed. It’s the way you go about it which is important and that’s one of Keane’s problems: he doesn’t know how to deliver it.

“Ole is going to get judged not only on the attractive football the team is playing now but also on results and what he has won. This is a good opportunity for him,” Yorke added, in reference to our upcoming matches against LASK Linz in the Europa League and Chelsea in the FA Cup.