United legend compares Mason Greenwood to another United legend Wayne Rooney

Former Manchester United forward Dwight Yorke, has heaped praise on sizzling hot forward, Mason Greenwood, for his achievements despite only being 18.

Speaking during a recent interview, the former Trinidad and Tobago striker, likened Greenwood to the legendary Wayne Rooney, and suggested United could forget signing Jadon Sancho if the Englishman maintains his current form.

“Before his 19th birthday he’s scored more goals than Marcus Rashford did,” Yorke said. “What I like about him is that he’s got a really cool demeanour about him.

“Pound for pound he looks equally impressive (as Rooney) in terms of what he has done. He has all the ingredients. I often look at your persona, your mentality as a player. Forget the football side because that speaks for itself, but the way he conducts himself and goes about it, he doesn’t seem to seek the limelight, which is a rare thing for a young player.

“Often enough nowadays these players want the fast car, the big cash, they want everything. I like what I’m seeing. Within the camp, from what I hear, he’s level-headed.

“With the lockdown as well, he’s come back a little bit more buff,” Yorke concluded.

Greenwood is indeed a star in the making, if he’s getting this much hype from legends of our great club.

The 18 year old will look to increase his tally when Manchester United files out against Crystal Palace on Thursday evening.