These two players have turned Man United into a formidable force. Unites fans will agree

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Former Manchester United goalie Mark Bosnich has claimed that the midfield partnership of Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes has transformed Manchester United into a formidable force.

The Portugal international has impressive since he joined the club in January, scoring seven goals and providing six assists in 10 Premier League games.

Pogba, who spent the majority of the season sidelined with ankle injury, returned to the side after the extended break and has formed a midfield partnership with Fernandes in midfield.

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Bosnich believes the club are only a few signings away from competing for the Premier League again.

“I think they have been very good for some time, even before the restart,” Bosnich told Sky Sports.

“The restart has just confirmed what everybody thought and basically proved a lot in terms of the fact that Pogba alongside Fernandes has turned them into a formidable force.

“Even before that, they were on a tremendous run but seeing them after this – even though obviously they were a little bit rusty in their opening game against Spurs – they have been absolutely fantastic.

“And look, everything being equal, maybe I would say one, possibly two more signings maximum, I think that sooner rather than later they will be challenging for the top spot.”