Southampton legend explains why Oriol Romeu’s tackle on Greenwood isn’t a red card offence

Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier has defended Saints midfielder Oriol Romeu over his tackle on Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood.

The former Saints player has disagreed with Manchester United legend that the tackle deserved punishment by saying he didn’t think it was a red card challenge despite video replay evidence.

“I disagree (with Gary Neville),” he said on Sky Sports. “I don’t think it was a red, it always looks bad in slow motion.

“Romeu is actually slowing down as he gets to him, the force he goes into him is probably the thing that saves him because it does look bad on the slow motion.

“I’m not sure this is a deliberate attempt and I don’t think the force is enough to warrant a red card. I think it was accidental had the been more force to it you would have said it would be similar to other red cards this season.”