Solskjaer reveals the Ferguson advice he never liked

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed he used to get upset by Sir Alex Ferguson’s advice after missing chances during United’s training sessions during his time as a player.

The Norwegian scored 126 goals in 366 appearances during his 11 years at United and established himself as a super-sub.

Solskjaer has revealed that he was at odds with Ferguson over his demand for goals.

When discussing his shooting ability on the High Performance Podcast, Solskjaer said: “I think it was just in me, I was so keen watching football, I saw goals being scored, I saw keepers making saves, and thought, ‘but there’s an opening there, if you hit it top corner or bottom corner, he’s got no chance’.

“I still believe there’s no such thing as a good save – it’s just a bad finish.

“So many times Sir Alex, and it used to bug me big time in training, would shout, ‘hit the target, make the goalkeeper make a mistake’, when I missed the target.

“But as soon as the ball left my foot I knew if it was a good finish or a bad finish. And if you just hit the post and [the ball goes] out, I knew that just a slight millimetre to the left or the right on my boot would make that ball go in.

“So quietly in my mind I said [to Ferguson], ‘shut up, you. I know what I’m doing, and that will go in on Saturday’.

“I truly believe it was always down to me, that finish. My teammates were so much better, I created chances by my movements. I knew David Beckham would put the cross in and I was ready to finish.

“It’s a fine balance between humble and quietly confident and believing in yourself. I think I was a quietly confident guy, and believing in my own abilities I knew I had an X-factor of scoring goals, and that was my forte.

“But I was also humble enough to try to learn from Andy Cole, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham. All the players had different attributes and qualities and that is the secret to be confident enough to trust yourself all the time, but also humble enough to work hard, and that’s instilled into us early on from Sir Alex.

“When I came here it was like, ‘do the things you’ve always done, what you’ve learnt, but do them a bit quicker’.

“My finishes were bottom corner, the best goalkeeper when I grew up wouldn’t even save my finishes, even when I was 15. That was my mindset – practise as if it was a cup final.”