Villa boss reveals his side was robbed against Manchester United

Manchester United took the lead at Villa Park on Thursday, courtesy of a controversial penalty which was converted by Bruno Fernandes.

The referee Jon Moss, pointed to the spot, after Fernandes went down in the area courtesy of a challenge from Konsa, but replays show the challenge might have been a clean one, and Aston Villa boss Dean Smith, believes the penalty decision shouldn’t have stood.

“It all changed round on the penalty. I can understand Jon getting it wrong on the pitch but VAR? I don’t know what they’re looking at. It’s a disgraceful decision,” he said, after the game.

“They’ve got a screen there they can go and look at, but they don’t seem to be bothered now. Anybody who’s been in football knows he (Bruno Fernandes) is trying the drag back. His foot is on his (Konsa’s) shin,” he continued.

“I thought it would be overturned straightaway and fully expected them to give us a free-kick. I went down to the dugout and saw it on camera. How somebody in the studio who had the view I saw only once made that decision is beyond me.

“Five minutes after the game the 100 or so text messages I had saying it was a disgraceful decision tell me my feelings were right.”

Well, to be fair, it probably wouldn’t have been a penalty for us on a different day, because Fernandes appeared to have been the one who fouled Konsa in the process, but this is football, where anything happens. And to be fair, United has also suffered worse or similar decisions in the past.