Pogba finally reveals what he thinks about Manchester United’s front three and also Bruno Fernandes

Photo: Matthew Childs/Reuters

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has commented on Manchester United’s powerful attack, and the Frenchman has revealed he has enjoyed watching them play.

Pogba has been left in awe of the front three of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood, as well as Bruno Fernandes in midfield.

Pogba told the official Manchester United website: “From behind I just enjoy it. I’m enjoying just watching Bruno, Rashford, Martial and Mason, who all played the last game, and seeing them score goals. You just keep applauding, it’s beautiful… they make me enjoy football every time!

“As well though there is the defensive work that people don’t talk about – they do it. The pressing – they do it… that’s what you maybe don’t see that much. Football fans who know football see that and that’s the difference that we have and it’s great to see them at their best. I think it’s about the mentality – the attacking and defending that they do every time – that helps us, it helps the midfielders and the defenders and obviously the talent speaks for itself – the goals and the action and the football, everything.”

Pogba is expected to star for Man United as we face Aston Villa tonight, and will hope to help us extend our unbeaten run to 17 games, and perhaps, set a new record for consecutive Premier League wins by three goals or more.