Man United legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel gives verdict on De Gea

Photo: Getty Images

Despite his inconsistent performances these days, ex-Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, believes David De Gea has what it takes to continue playing at the top for the next ten years.

Speaking to the club’s official website, the Dane said: “He’s been tremendous for us, there’s no doubt about that. He stuck it through in the most difficult period of modern-day Manchester United history.

“It’s been up and down and, basically, he has been our best player. There’s no doubt about that. Four out of five years being our Player of the Year. That just tells its own story about his performances for the club.”

Schmeichel also suggested De Gea’s issues haven’t been entirely his fault, as he’s not had enough protection from those playing ahead of him.

“It’s easy to just blame the goalkeeper, but I’m not going to,” he said. “I’m trying to make a case that every goalkeeper needs to be protected and there’s no doubt that the way the team is playing now, as opposed to when a team plays more defensively, the type of chances that you concede fit into David’s best skills.

“Those kind of saves we’ve seen came from chances created by being defensive. At the moment, we are attacking a lot and that leaves strikers man-to-man. It becomes like a counter-attack. These are the kind of goals we are conceding now.”

He then called for some patience from fans and critics, so the Spain international can adjust to our current playing style, adding, “I think he needs a bit of time to adjust to the way we are playing.

“If you’re a goalkeeper that has been busy for three or four years, and now you’re not busy, you have to change your game a little bit. You need to find new ways of keeping your concentration, of staying with the game. Everyone has to adjust and I think that’s the same for him as well.

“David is our No.1 – he’s still a young lad, by the way. He could play on for another 10 years. Let’s back him. We should support what we have because we know what we have is really good.”