Jadon Sancho signing not necessary for Manchester United. Berbatov explains why

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Manchester United legend Dimitar Berbatov has claimed that the club do not need to sign Dortmund star Jadon Sancho because we already have Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial.

Berbatov believes the arrival of Sancho could hinder Greenwood’s progress and feels United have enough strength in attack already.

“Looking at how the squad are doing at the moment I don’t think signing Sancho is necessary,” Berbatov told The Mirror.

“Look at the front three from the other night, the speed of Martial, Rashford and Greenwood was great to watch, their link up play was fantastic.

“Football is a funny thing, you have a great young player in Sancho, but at the same time you have a great young player in Greenwood.

“United have to question if they are ready to sacrifice and halt the development of Greenwood, one of their own, to bring Sancho in.

“They could have both and rotate not only them two, but Martial and Rashford.

“You have to ask the manager and the player, if someone is signing for United they will be expecting to play every game, otherwise why are you going there to sit on the bench?

“In Sancho’s case, he’s one of the biggest young talents at the moment and everybody wants to see him in their team, he needs to be really calculated about what he wants.

“I’ll be happy to see him at United because he will bring even more power to the team, and they would have four great attackers upfront with speed, which would be frightening to watch.

“If they find a solution and the price for Sancho is good, go for it because when you have all these great players in your team, you only have good problems on your hands.”