Popular transfer expert reveals how much Man United will pay for Sancho

Photo: Getty images

Sky Sports reporter James Cooper, is adamant Manchester United will not pay as much as £100 million for a single player, even Jadon Sancho.

The Borussia Dortmund ace’s rumoured potential move to Old Trafford has dominated the headlines for months, with recent reports suggesting the German club have given United until August to make up its mind on the player or forget it.

Speaking recently on the potential move and why it may not go Dortmund’s way, Cooper revealed that United won’t be willing to spend £100m on Sancho, but United will rather do a player exchange and look for another way to sign up their target.

He said: “I don’t think we’re going to see a £100m transfer fee.

“There’s going to be some money down, there might be players involved, there might be sell-ons or buy-ons, just to protect them and give Dortmund the kind of money they deserve.

“Before COVID-19 I think everyone looked at it and thought that’s a £100m signing. But I don’t think anyone is writing a £100m cheque at Manchester United for one player.”

Dortmund is said to value Sancho at £105 million, but United is adamant the forward is worth £50 million at best following the impact of Covid-19.