Rashford sends special message to little boy

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Marcus Rashford has been an inspiration to many people around the world, even children, after his recent efforts towards helping feed millions of kids across the UK.

A 10 year old kid named Alfie from Wales, was recently acknowledged by Rashford, after he selflessly donated his own share towards providing for the impoverished.

Alfie donated his pocket money to FareShare UK, something we’ll all agree is a rarity, and in doing so, attracted the attention of Rashford, who has now gone on the internet to thank him.

Taking to Twitter to acknowledge Alfie, Rashford wrote: “Little superstar, thank you Alfie,” in response to a tweet announcing the donation by FareShare UK.

Rashford has attracted praise from multiple personalities across the globe for his efforts towards charity, and most recently got the UK government to extend the school meal voucher scheme for another six months, after initial refusal from them.

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  1. For Rashford keep on helping God will open our way many blessings ahead for me it’s my prayer that one day we will meet be blessed

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