Man United legend reveals why Paul Pogba is happy again

Photo: Matthew Childs/Reuters

Manchester United legend Patrice Evra, is of the opinion that Paul Pogba is smiling again at the club because of the presence of Bruno Fernandes.

Speaking on Sky Sports recently, the Frenchman said: “Fernandes has made a massive difference. He makes the team play and I think Paul was waiting for a big player to come in and help.

“We were putting too much pressure on Paul, and to be fair you can see Paul is smiling. Because Fernandes will now have responsibility, Paul will play much better now.”

Paul Pogba has seemed more at home and happier at United, and has been on his best form since the restart of the league in mid-June.

The Frenchman has also spoken of his keenness to partner with Fernandes in the past, so perhaps, Evra isn’t far from the truth.