Matic reveals how he was able to regain his place in the team

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Serbian midfielder Nemanja Matic has revealed how he has been able to earn the trust of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that made him regain his place in the team.

In an interview with Sky Sports, he said: “I always try to be professional and give my best when I am on the pitch, it doesn’t matter if it is training or a game.

“I’ve played football for a long time already and this situation is normal, sometimes you don’t play and the coach doesn’t see you as a first option. You can accept it or not but you have to be professional.

“You have to work hard, wait for your chance and use it. This is exactly what I did.

“Now the situation is different, the coach trusts me more. I’m a soldier and I wait for the instructions from my coaching team.

“To be honest, when you don’t play of course you think about everything but in my head, I always try to be positive. I always believe in my quality and I know if I work hard my time is going to come again.”

The midfielder has become vital cog in our midfield since the restart of the league. He has been brilliant so far since he regained his place in the team, and will be looking to do better when we face Brighton on Tuesday.

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  1. Matic is a world class player my best
    Midfielder ever at United

  2. always the best but time matter .if the other time when he wanted to rejoin JM it was hard time for him but maturity helped him a lot.

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