Manchester United legend tells Jesse Lingard that it’s time to leave Manchester United

Former Manchester United forward Dwight Yorke, has advised Jesse Lingard he may need to leave Old Trafford if things do not look up for him by the end of the season.

The 48 year old shared the advice while reacting to questions from Stadium Atsro after United’s match with Norwich on Saturday.

He said: “The jury’s still out. We had a lot of hopes, he came through the ranks and we love that. He knows the club through and through, he loves the football club and we thought he was going to go on where Rashford is at the moment.

“He’s come a little unstuck at the moment and he has to find another gear somewhere along the line. At the moment, it’s just not happening.

“At 27 years of age, you ought to be a bit regular. If it’s not happening, maybe he has to look elsewhere. But for now, he’s still got some games and he’s still got to prove himself.

“But I think there is a little bit of a question mark over his name at the moment for sure, he’s fully aware of that, there’s no two ways about that. He knows that he’s not in the team and he needs to do more to get back in.”

With no goal or assist to his name in the Premier League this season, coupled with a drastic drop in performance, Lingard has seen game time reduce reasonably under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United.

There are rumours the Englishman may be sold or sent away on loan this summer, as Manchester United try to raise some money amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

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