This Manchester United player has got unbelievable talent and quality

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United fullback Luke Shaw has hailed Anthony Martial for having an unbelievable talent and quality.

In an interview with the club’s official website, he was asked about Martial’s influence and Shaw replied: “Massively. I think he’s been interchanging in different positions; sometimes he’s been on the left-wing, but he’s had more of a key role this season as a striker.

“He’s got unbelievable talent and quality; he’s alongside Rashy in the sense that they can go all the way to being two of the best players in their positions.

“He’s scored a lot of goals this season, [and] been involved in quite a lot, so he’s clearly in a very confident way.

“It helps a lot now that his partnership with Bruno has been flowing. They’ve been getting on really well off the pitch and that’s showing in how they play together on the pitch.

“They’ve been very creative. Of course, Anthony has had a really good season, but from what I see in training there’s still so much more to come from him, which is great for us as a club.”

We will to get see how well both players are combining well together when we face Spurs on Friday.