Giggs reveals Manchester United legend that struggled in training after record transfer

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has revealed how former teammate Rio Ferdinand struggled initially after his £30m move from Leeds United.

Speaking to beIN Sport, Giggs said: “I used the example of Rio Ferdinand, he was a brilliant player when he came to Man United.

“But all of a sudden he’s one of the worst players in training in the boxes we used to play, the little keep ball 8 vs 2 and he’s thinking wow! All of a sudden you are under pressure before training has even started because that’s part of the warm-up.

“He wouldn’t get the mick taken out of him at Leeds or West Ham if he was in the middle. At United it was constant.

“If you are in the middle they are putting the bib on you, just keep it on, and instantly you are probably going home thinking what’s just happened there? I used to enjoy training!

“You have to step up to that next level. There is no hiding place. And he cost £30million, the most expensive defender in the world. It didn’t matter.

“And of course by the end of it, he was the best. He was the best in the box because he was so good with his feet, he was confident so there is a bit, or was a bit, of sink or swim,” he concluded.

Ferdinand joined for a British record £30million from Leeds United in 2002.