Chelsea legend Michael Essien hated facing this Manchester United legend

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea legend Michael Essien has named Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard and Manchester United legend Paul Scholes as the two toughest opponents he ever faced in the Premier League.

The Ghanaian is regarded as one of the best African players to ever grace English football after spending nine trophy-laden years at Stamford Bridge.

The Ghanaian joined Chelsea in the summer of 2005 for a fee of £24.4million which was a record for Chelsea at the time. The transfer also made the midfielder the most expensive African footballer in history then.

Asked to name the toughest player he came up against during an Instagram Live this week, Essien answered: “I will always say that it’s between Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes to be honest.

“Them two were quite tough! Not only good on the ball but they can tackle really hard, very strong as well.

“They were quite tough but the Premier League back then was very tough.

“Everywhere we went and everyone you come up against is tough so you have to try and be tough.”


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