Man United to allow players on loan stay on

Manchester United will not recall its on-loan players, and will instead, allow them finish the season with the respective clubs they play for.

This is according to ESPN, who add that the only condition for this to actually happen is if the leagues they play in are able to restart.

Man United stars like Alexis Sanchez, Chris Smalling and Dean Henderson are among the 11 on-loan players who would have been recalled by the end of the month, had the season panned out the way it was expected to, but the outbreak of coronavirus pretty much changed a lot of things, with most leagues planning to resume play after weeks of inaction.

These players will now be allowed to finish the season with the clubs they play for before further action is taken on their future.

For players like Dean Henderson and Chris Smalling, they may have to extend their stay with Sheffield United and AS Roma beyond this campaign though, seeing as they are admired by their coaches.

But whatever the decision is at the end of the day, it is still subject to approval from United, who have to weigh up all options and possibilities before a course of action is taken.