What Neville thinks of the new Premier League’s tackling rule

Photo: Getty Images

Gary Neville has reacted to the Premier League’s new directive on tackling and feels it makes no sense because it’s would be impossible for the players to play differently from what they’re already used to on a pitch.

The Premier League club is planning for a restart next month, and the players have been surprisingly advised to avoid tackling. This measure is supposed to help footballers avoid more contact amid the pandemic. But Neville feels it is a tough one for the players keep up with.

Speaking on Sky Sports, the Manchester United hero said: “If you are a player fearful of coming back, this story would make you more fearful. Even a player who wants to come back, that might make that player worried.

“It’s instinctive and it’s nonsense. This is what happens when you have an information vacuum. Misinformation and a lack of communication has occurred from day one here.

“What do you do at a corner when you’re face-to-face, so close that you can smell their breath, as bad as it seems, but you can smell the player’s breath! If we’re saying that is putting players at risk, they shouldn’t be playing football!

“There has to be a continual journey that you bring people on when you’re deciding things like this. That would make me incredibly fearful. It’s impossible to change behaviour on a pitch. Impossible.”