Michael Owen reveals why some Liverpool fans will never forgive him

Former Red Devil, Michael Owen, believes the pain that came with his decision to join Manchester United will always be in some Liverpool fans, and they will probably never forgive him for it.

Speaking to talkSPORT, the ex-striker said: “From my point of view, I’ve got over the fact that not 100% of Liverpool fans will forgive you and things like that. For the majority, I think the longer you live and the more you meet people and hear their thoughts and story then, of course, I just take the positives.

“My best years were there and I think it’s very fair to say that my career was totally in halves. I burst onto the scene and did what I did and then spent seven or eight years struggling to maintain my level. It was virtually impossible from the injuries I had sustained.

“From a positive point of view, Liverpool fans will remember me at the top of my game, they never saw me struggle. I wanted it that way, I was a Liverpool kid growing up so I look at it in my own mind very positive.

“The only frustration, when people look back at my career, the last half a dozen years, then you’ll never ever give me the credit that I deserved. I was a totally different person six years before that and when I was around the top players in the world.”

Owen scored 118 goals in 216 games for Liverpool before his departure to Real Madrid in 2004. He however, damned the rivalry between Liverpool and United, as he joined us in 2009, but to be fair, thanks to the move, the Englishman was finally able to pick up a Premier League title.