Academy coach hails two Man United strikers as the best

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Manchester United’s academy assistant coach, Colin Little, has hailed Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford as the best strikers in the country.

Little worked together with both players during their days at the Man United academy, and believes the two have matured greatly since the start of their journeys at the club.

Photo: Reuters

Speaking to MUTV, he said: “I honestly think you can’t look at any team and think there are any two better homegrown strikers in the country.

“Tammy Abraham and Harry Kane are really good strikers but we’ve got two on our books right now.

“Without blowing our own trumpet, that’s just incredible isn’t it? Both are still young, both are Manchester United kids from an early age.

“It’s why, but for anything else, if they were the two people who come out of this academy, you would be like ‘wow’. I mean what are forwards worth nowadays? People, who score goals – at that age?

“You’re looking at it, thinking what an incredible asset to have, and you’ve got the other ones like Brandon Williams and James Garner, and others, behind them.

“It’s a testament to everybody and, let’s be honest with you, from all the way down with Eamon Mulvey’s group, all the way through, those players have gone through every single age group.

“From Tony Whelan, and everybody is where they are now. I mean, they could be in our first team for nearly 20 years. It can be a 20-year career from 18 to 38.”

Rashford and Greenwood joined United’s academy at the ages of 7 and 6, respectively. Rashford made his senior debut in 2016, while Greenwood made his in 2019. Both players have 31 goals between them this season, and look destined for more.