Bruno Fernandes reveals the two Man United legends he wants to play with

Bruno Fernandes has some really fantastic players around him at United, but the Portuguese wishes he could have more!

Fernandes was recently hosted to a Q&A session with fans by the official Manchester United website, and he ceased the opportunity to let us in on the two United legends he’d play with, given the chance.

When asked to choose between Roy Keane and Paul Scholes, Fernandes said: “This is a difficult one, eh? I think the most difficult until now. So, I don’t know.

“If I can have both, better, because I need the guy behind me kicking everyone and recovering balls, like Roy Keane does, and have the quality to give the balls to the guys up front.

“If you look at Roy Keane, he’s the kind of player all teams need. Teams play in different ways, but all the teams can have him. Doesn’t matter if you play in possession, in counter, you need a guy like this normally.

“I think Roy Keane is an excellent player and he can give me a lot of cover in the back. To play side to side with Scholes would be fantastic.

“If I can play with both, I play with Roy Keane in the back behind me and Scholes. Because me and Scholes can both go in the area scoring. We want to score, we want to be in the area, no? And maybe we will need Roy Keane at our backs.”

Fernandes only joined us in January, and between then and now, has assisted more goals than some of his peers who were there even before him.

If the 26 year old continues to show his amazing form, there’s no denying it’s only a matter of time before his name is mentioned alongside that of Scholes and Keane.