Bruno Fernandes excited about playing with this player at Manchester United

Bruno Fernandes has expressed his excitement at the prospect for playing alongside Paul Pogba after the break and has defended his teammate amid criticisms over his injury woes.

When asked in a Man United official Q&A session about the prospect of playing with the Frenchman, the Portuguese gave an amazing response.

He said: “A lot. A lot. I think we have a lot of good players in the midfield. Obviously Paul is injured from a long time [ago], and all we know is he has a lot of qualities.

“We can say in football that people normally forget what you do good when you have a mistake. You can do good for 34 games, and one game you do bad and everyone will remember that.

“It’s normal when you are in that situation you don’t play like a superstar, because everyone expects from Paul like they expect from [Cristiano] Ronaldo at Juventus or [Lionel] Messi at Barcelona.

“Everyone expects this from Paul in Manchester, because they know he has the qualities for this. Also this is confidence in Paul. The team, we have a lot of confidence in Paul.”